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1. How Long Will It Take To Groom My Dog at Pet Aesthetics?

Depending on the service your choose and the type of hair your dog has, the grooming process usually takes 2-3 hours. However, if your dog has severe matting issues or we are experiencing behavioral issues during the grooming process, additional time will be required,

2. My Dog Is So Scared of Going To The Groomer. Do You Use Any Sedatives or Tranquilzers To Calm Dogs Down While Grooming?

Absolutely NOT! Not only is it against the law for us to administer any kind of drugs to pets, we do not personally believe in it. Our skilled and friendly groomers know how to handle each and every pets personality, even ones that become stressed in situations like this. Our motto is "less stress is the best" and as such, will provide a soothing and comfortable experience as possible for your pet.

However, if you do have a pet that is known to be aggressive, it may be suggested to speak with your local vet for you to obtain a slight presciption medication or research holistic alternatives such as natural pet calmers, at least for the first few visits with us.. Although some pets do have a fear of grooming , we provide a positive approach to all our clients so that the dog can "associate" us as "safe".

3. Do You Groom Any Breed of Dog As I Am Looking For a Specific Haircut For My Pet?

Yes we do! With an knowledgable & licensed staff of professional dog groomers at Pet Aesthetics, we know how each breed standard is suppose to look. However, if your pet has long hair and is severely matted, we will highly suggest to have the pet cut very short (shaved) so that a new coat can grow in healthy and the proper look and style desired can be easily achieved within as little as a few weeks.

4. I Have A 12 Week Old Puppy. Is It Safe And/Or Suggested To Start Grooming At This Early Of An Age?

Yes. Not only is it safe to groom a puppy this young, it is suggested to do so that the puppy can learn that grooming is a safe and happy experience. However, it is HIGHLY SUGGESTED that it is only done by an experienced, friendly and PATIENT groomer!. Since dogs are creatures of "association", it is imperative to make sure that your dog is being handled properly.  Therefore, it is essential to have a puppy groomed in a positive and soothing environment so it will develop a level of trust with that groomer and will overcome any stress during future visits.

Unfortunately, young dogs that have had frequent visits to a groomer already and become or remain aggressive, may be a sure sign that the dog is not being handled properly. Therefore, it is advised that you trust your groomer that he/she is handling your precious pet with the patience and love like you would do yourself.

5. My Dog Gets Stinky After a Few Days To a Week After Grooming. How Can I Prolong That "Clean" Scent?

Because we only use the finest dog products on the market and the techniques we use while grooming, most of our clients will never have an issue with this. However, there may be at times when you feel like you have a "stinky" dog living with you again. Although it is suggested to bath & groom a dog every 3-6 weeks (depending on the coat and activity level of your pet), there may be at times when your pet will start to have a "doggy" smell again. This all depends on the natural oils in your pet's skin and coat along with how much your pet is exposed to the outside elements. In addition, you may find it highly effective to wash your dog's linens (beds, blankets, etc..) more frequently to avoid transmitting bacteria causing odors to your dog after a grooming session.

6. My Dog Has Reoccurring Tear Stains. Although I Clean My Dog's Face Frequently, Nothing Seems To Get Rid Of Them. How Can I Treat and Eliminate Them?

One factor that contributes to tear staining are pets who have inherited very small tear ducts or overly watery eyes, particularly as a response to various products you may be giving to the dog (allergies or reactions) or even household chemicals you may be using. Definitely inherited are large eyes and short muzzles, which tend to allow more eye irritation and less drainage. There can be inherited or developmental structural defects that result in eye stains as well. Hygiene is another obvious factor. Matter in the eye tends to collect at the inner corner. If the pet’s eyes are exposed to dust, wind, grooming products, stray or ingrown hairs and other irritants, there will be more matter at the corners. This matter becomes an irritant and causes more tearing and therefore more staining. Therefore, it is essential to keep on top of a proper hygienic routine with your pet as well.

Tear Stains are caused by a few contributing factors. First, a red yeast build up my be the culprit. Although all dogs do have internal yeast, you will just notice it more with dogs that have light fur or hair around their face as yeast is found in saliva and tears. One product in particular that works wonders is Angels Eyes. As it is 100% safe for dogs and puppies, it does contain a mild antiboitc which eliminates excessive yeast. Given orally everyday, you will start to notice a difference within one week. Maximum results are usually obtained within 3-6 weeks depending on the severity of the stains. . Once results are achieved, you can then use the product on a maintenance schedule every few days or once a week.

Lastly, it is highly suggested when battling tear staining to keep your pet on a "all white meat" diet and stay away from any foods or treats that contain "grains". Choose a diet that contains chicken, turkey, duck, or fish. Furthermore, stay away from any red meat protein sources.

7. My Dog's Hair Gets Matted All The Time, Even After A Grooming Appintment. Although I Brush Frequently, How Can I Prevent This From Happening?

Any dog that has long hair will require a full DAILY brushing, as like a human who has long hair. What we suggest is to first use a fine-tooth comb to see how easily the comb goes through your pet's hair. Concentrate on the back, sides, under the arms, legs, and chest area near the skin's surface. This is usually where matting occurs more frequently. If you are experiencing any tangles, do not bath your dog and try using a conditioner at this time - this may cause the issue to get worse. Rather, try to the best of your ability (softly and gently) getting the tangles out with the comb first. Remember, do not pull hard as you will be pulling at your dog's skin and thus causing it to be very painful to the dog. For assistance, you may "lightly" mist the matted area with a detangling spray. Should you finally get the tangles out, you can then use a pin brush just to smooth the coat down. Just continue this grooming practice every day to avoid any future problems.

If your dog is severely matted and you have been unable to get the mattes out yourself, the best solution is to bring your pet to a dog grooming professional immediately for a coat and skin evaluation. In most cases, the best option at this point is to have your dog shaved or cut very short so that a new and healthy coat can grow in. Furthermore, it will also avoid any pain and discomfort your pet would experience trying to get the matting out manually.

Lastly, we also suggest any dog with long, silky or "cotton-like" hair to refrain from wearing tight fitting clothing, especially with sleeves, as this can cause matting issues more frequently. Loose fitting or apparel without sleeves will help, however, the key is to always brush your dog EVERYDAY, especially after taking the dog's clothes off with the appropriate grooming tools to avoid any futher issues.

Should you need assistance with determining what dog grooming tools should be used on your pet's coat, do not hesisate to contact us. We will be happy to assist you.

8. My Dog Sheds All The Time. Even Though I Brush Frequently, There Is Still Alot Of Hair All Over My Furniture & House. What Is Going On?

This all depends on your pet's coat and breed. Many long haired dogs with a thick "undercoat", will shed frequently and also, depending on the seasonal changes. Although daily brushing will eliminate some of the shedding, a dog's nutritional diet will also play a role in the amount it sheds. Poor quality dog foods are not well balanced and therefore, can be lacking vital minerals and vitamins necessary to support a healthy skin and coat.

Should your pet's shedding be a chronic problem and will be seen by us, please advise one of our groomers so that we can properly treat your pet with a special grooming procedure that will reduce 60-80% of the amount of hair your pet will shed.

9. I Have A Dog With Short Hair Who Can Be Easily Bathed Myself. Therefore, Is It Really Necessary To Have My Dog Professionally Groomed?

A matter of fact it is; even if it is a 2-4 times a year. Bathing a dog is only a small part of the grooming process and with that, most pet owners do not have the proper knowledge and/or the skills to know all the requirements to fully groom a dog, even with short hair.

As specified, our mini and full grooming packages come complete with an analysis of your pet's skin and coat so that the "proper" grooming products are used. Certain shampoos and conditioners are formulated differently and therfore, it is essential for the right products to be used in conjunction with the condition of your pet's skin and coat, especially dogs with highly sensitive skin.
Lastly, we will also incorporate a relaxing massage, the correct brushing techniques during and after bathing which will remove any loose hairs as short hair dogs can also "shed" frequently, cleaning the ears and trimming and filing the nails. Moreover, your pet will be pampered for an hour or two and leave happy and smelling clean.

10. My Dog Has Very Sensitive Skin & Allergic To Most Grooming Products. Do You Use Hypoallergenic Products?

Yes we do. As a matter of fact, we will gather any important information like this from you at your first initial visit and note it on your client sheet. As such, we will then know on all your visits with us to use the proper shampoo and conditioner formulated for your pet's skin sensitivity issue.

11. Does The Kind of Pet Food I Feed My Dog Regularly Really Play a Part With the Overall Appearance of My Pet?

Absolutely! Lower quality pet foods contain many "cheap" fillers, by-products, and chemicals that are in fact, are not healthy for them. In addition, they are not well balanced and therefore, lack many vital minerals and vitamins necessary to support a healthy skin and coat. This of course (over time) will play a huge role in your pet's overall wellness, including the appearance of your dog's skin and coat. Although genetics play a factor, giving your pet a super premium, holistic and all natural food will only further promote a healthy body; inside and out. Should you have any questions regarding your dog's current diet or thinking about switching over to a more healthy and holistic brand of food, you can call Pet Aesthetics at 203-267-7297 or stop in and we will be happy to assist you in the brands we carry in stock.

12. I'm Looking For Another Pet Companion. Since Your In The Pet Business, Do You Know Where I Can Get Another Puppy Besides A Pet Store?

As you may suspect, purchasing a puppy from ANY pet store is only supporting puppy mills and the pet brokers who do not care for the welfare of animals. As such, we do not support or endorse any pet store selling live animals. With thousands upon thousands of dogs that are homeless and in shelters or foster homes, we advise anyone looking for another "great" pet companion is to walk into their local ASPCA, county shelter or look up a specific breed rescue group over the internet. All of these public and private facilities have healthy, loving and adoptable pets (even puppies!) looking for a new home.
  • Brush Your Pet Regularly With The Right Grooming Tools Designed For Your Pet's Coat

  • Wipe Your Pet's Face & Paws With a "Pet Wipe" Just For A Refresher

  • Use a Dry Bath Spray For a Quick & Temporary Overall Cleaning

  • Never Try Washing Your Pet Yourself Who Is Severely Matted

  • Any Sores On Your Pet's Skin or Exces Loss Of Hair Should Be Checked By a Vet Immediately

  • Check Your Pet For Ticks & Fleas Regularly

  • Incorporate a Healthy Diet To Enhance Your Pet's Skin & Coat

  • Never Use Human Grooming Products On Your Pet As They Can Experience a Severe Allergic Reaction

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Fun Dog Facts
Interesting Facts About Our Canine Friends:
French poodles did not originate in France. Poodles were originally used as hunting dogs in Europe. The dogs' thick coats were a hindrance in water and thick brush, so hunters sheared the hindquarters, with cuffs left around the ankles and hips to protect against rheumatism.
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